Mongolia (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

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Lonely Planet Country Guide

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  • Mongolia (Lonely Planet Country Guide)

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5th Edition / May 2008
ISBN:  9781741045789
312 pp  / 16 pp colour  / 79 maps
Next edition due: May 2011

Mongolia's capital, Ulaanbaatar, may be a hotbed of progressive attitudes, but in the rest of the 'Land of the Blue Sky', life remains pretty much the same - horses outnumber people, nomads still move camp each season and on long-distance bus rides you'll be serenaded by passengers singing folk tunes.

    Best activities: yak-carting, horse-trekking, hiking
    In a land short on signposts, GPS coordinates locate the hotspots
    Comprehensive Culture chapter with advice on local customs and etiquette
    Rock climbing opportunities in the Gobi and mountain biking in Terelj and Khent


Lonely Planet author Michael Kohn recommends Mongolia as the kind of country where you can just turn up and be guaranteed adventure. Not a surprise when nomad culture is alive and their hero is Ghengis Khan.
Produced by Lonely Planet TV

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