Australia (Lonely Planet Country Guide) 15th

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Australia (Lonely Planet Country Guide) 15th

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  • Australia (Lonely Planet Country Guide) 15th

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15th Edition / November 2009
ISBN:  9781741791600
1116 pp  / 36 pp colour  / 193 maps
Next edition due: November 2011

No one knows Australia like Lonely Planet... remember, we live here! We know where Sydney's best surf beaches are, where to get the best coffee in Melbourne's cobbled lanes, and how to cross the great red plains in a van without getting scorched.

    The world's best-selling guide to Australia!
    208 detailed and easy to use maps
    Full coverage - bustling cities, outback trails and everything in between
    Unique Green Index to help make your travels as ecofriendly as you wish
    16-page colour map section, to navigate the country's highways and byways
    Accommodation to suit all budgets


Soak up the sun in fast-pulsed Sydney, the city that struts it like it's the capital. Surfing and Travel with Lonely Planet

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