Bình cá nhân Igloo Legend 1L

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Igloo Legend 1L

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Bình đá cá nhân Igloo Legend 1L

 Thung giu lanh loai lon - binh da tron - Binh dung da - Binh nuoc da - Binh da ca nhan Igloo Nhãn hiệu Bình đựng đá cá nhân, bình đựng nước đá, bình nước đá tròn, bình đá có vòi, bình đá thể thao, bình đá cao cấp, bình đá nhựa bán chạy số 1 tại Mỹ
Quench your thirst with a cool drink!
An old favorite, this classic Igloo beverage cooler design is ready to quench your thirst at lunch, during work-outs, or on the go.
Color: Diablo Red
Made in USA
Đặc điểm
Flip-spout designed for sipping & pouring
Side pull-up grips on spout keep fingers away from drinking surface and helps keep spout clean
Easy-grip lid designed for effortless opening & closing
Wide mouth opening for easy filling & cleaning
Adjustable shoulder strap for hands-free transport and flexibility
Comes with a removable gasket designed for easy cleaning
Chất liệu
Poly olefin
Thông số
Dung tich nuoc trong binh da ca nhan Igloo binh dung da loai lon binh da tron
Capacity: 1 Quarts (0.95 Liters)
Item Weight (kg) 0.27
Exterior Dimensions (cm - L x W x H) 12.4 x 11.13 x 22.38
Interior Dimensions (in - Top L x W x H) 3.88 x 3.88 x 7.5
Internal Dimensions Bottom (in - L x W x H) 3 x 3 x 7.5

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